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The 21st China Convenience Food Conference and Convenience Food Exhibition.

  • Release time:2021-10-28
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       Autumn in October, fruitful; The 21st China Convenience Food Conference and Exhibition was held in Beijing Friendship Hotel as scheduled. This conference brought together authoritative experts and representatives of enterprises in the industry. From the perspective of science and technology and industry, it deeply analyzed the gains and losses in the development of the industry with keen insight, and explored how to continuously grasp opportunities and develop healthily and sustainably after experiencing the "epidemic". Predict key issues such as transformation and upgrading of convenience food industry in the new era. 



       At the same time, the China Convenience Food Exhibition held at the same time of the conference provides a broader platform for enterprises to release new products and display their brands, fully displays the brilliant achievements of the convenience food industry, and promotes the development and innovation of the industry.