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Reciprocating three-dimensional bag one drag four packaging machine

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Product function: The bulk noodles, pasta, rice noodles and other strips are packaged into flat or three-dimensional products through packaging materials through the processes of automatic weighing, lifting, automatic sorting, conveying, and packaging.
Product advantages
1) The main machine of the reciprocating packaging machine has fast packaging speed and stable operation
2) The effect of the M three-dimensional bag is good, the horizontal sealing is flat and without wrinkles
3) Weigh the base counterweight, the new structure of the hopper does not deform, the whole machine runs smoothly and has high precision
4) The double-chain structure of the conveyor line realizes high-speed operation, no face, no elastic face, a new type of secondary material receiving hopper, the outlet is flush, and it is more efficient and stable.
5) The yield is high, above 98%