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One drag three plastic packaging machine

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Product function: the strips of hanging noodles, spaghetti and rice noodles are packed into flat or three-dimensional products through the process of automatic weighing, lifting, automatic finishing, transportation, packaging and so on. 
Product advantage. 
1) the main engine of reciprocating packaging machine has fast packing speed and stable operation. 
2) the effect of M three-dimensional bag is good, and the horizontal seal is smooth and wrinkle-free. 
3) weighing the base, the hopper of the new structure does not deform, and the whole machine runs smoothly and accurately. 
4) the double-chain structure of the conveying line, which realizes high-speed operation, no appearance, no elastic surface, a new type of secondary feeding hopper, the outlet is even, and it is more efficient and stable. 
5) the rate of finished products is high, more than 98%
Technical agreement
Serial Number Item
1 Packaging Finished Product Shape Flat or three-dimensional shape  
2 Single package weighing (g) 200g---1000g  
3 Noodle Length (mm) 200mm--240mm  
4 Packing Speed Three-dimensional bag 1000g 26-35packs/min

Three-dimensional bag 500g 40-45 packs/min

Ordinary flat bag 1000g 30-36 packs/min

Ordinary flat bag 500g 40-55 packs/min
5 Essence
0-4g(95%以上) The noodles should not be too messy or curved.
6 Shelf life of weighing machine One Year  
7 Shelf Life of Packaging Machine One Year  
8 Equipment Dimensions 6.5 m in length × 3.5 m in width × 1.6 m in height  
9 Electricity
10 Work
11 All equipment covers and food contact parts(except trough and scraper)They are all made of food grade 304 stainless steel.

Electrical equipment configuration
Serial Number Name and Specification Code name Quantity Supplier Comments
1 Touch screen TK6070 1 Villenton  
2 PLC CP1H-X40DT-D 1 Omron  
3 Communication port CP1W-CIF01 1 Omron  
4 Servo driver MBDJT2210 3 Panasonic  
5 Servo motor MHMJ082P1S 3 Panasonic  
6 Reducer 1=15 2 CUHK  
7 Sensor   2 AVIC Electrical Measurement  
8 Switching power supply S-100-24V 3 Taiwan Mingwei  
9 Switching power supply S-150-24V 3 Taiwan Mingwei  
10 Power Switch EG32F/2P-20A-220V 3 Fuji, Japan  
11 Motor/reducer 31K15GN-C/3GN6K 6 Taiwan Chenggang  
12 Motor/reducer 31K15GN-C/3GN3K 3 Taiwan Chenggang  
13 Motor/reducer 31K15GN-C/3GN7.5K 3 Taiwan Chenggang  
14 PLC XC3-32T-1 3 Shinjie  
15 Touch screen TH765-N 3 Shinjie  
16 Module TRT Version-FS 3 Changlu